Sylphide: Satin Corset 17"

17" equals a waistline of 43,1cm measured over the laced corset.

My longest and tightest corset. It is from True Grace Corsets (TCG) and laced to a waistline of 17". It covers the bust, therefore I don't need a bra here. This is especially useful with light summer dresses or evening dresses which don't cover the shoulders. Believe it or not, there is no retouching as with all other pictures in this site!

I'm currently wearing this corset continously. That means, that I take it off only every 2nd or 3rd day for taking a shower and to do fitness-exercises and stretching. I then put it on immediately. The first half hour is a little irksome, but after that, especially after the first night, I hardly feel the corset anymore (only when bending or making unusual movements). It is a very pleasant feeling to wake up laced into the corset, because I do know, that it needs not to be laced tighter. This would be necessary if I had to put on the corset each morning. Please note that the corset does not interfere with my sleep! Furthermore I think it is important that one eats and drinks only when laced into a corset. This prevents overeating and one feels comfortable after the meal. This would not be the case if one ate uncorsetted and put on the corset afterwards (even some hours later).