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Gallery of pictures of Sylphide in tight corsets, in underwear and with everyday clothes worn over tight corset


For those of you who can’t wait and want to see pictures right away: Here are all the website pictures (unsorted) of me in all my corsets and examples of everyday clothes that can fit a corset figure. All picture are NOT retouched or technically modified in any way.

Of course, these are all just suggestions and they reflect my attitude and taste. But maybe you can give some ideas to one or the other corset friend.

You can click on the images and an enlarged version will appear. In it you can navigate with mouse click or with the forward and back keys. You can press ESC or click on the X at the lower right corner of the image to end the presentation. On mobile devices, you can click on the left or right edge of the image to move to the next image.

To get detailed information about the corsets, please click on My Corsets and then on the corset you are interested in. There you will also find higher resolution versions of the images.