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New English Sylphide website launched


For many years now my website exists in its old form. It has hopefully given some people information to have a good corset experience. The technology and the requirements are progressing.

So I have technically updated the site to a more current state, it adheres more to web standards and the URLs and images have more meaningful names. Please note: the website is now responsive! Therefore it is much better usable on mobile devices.

The website is produced in English. But I will add automatic translations to German and French. These help reading, but are not as accurate and pleasant as a human translation. I am currently working on a hand-translated version to German.

In addition, I have also posted new images and made the old images accessible in higher resolution. Each image has now a descriptive text. Furthermore, I have introduced categories and tags. This should allow a better orientation on the website.

I hope these improvements will be met with a positive response from users. Please give me feedback at !

Currently, the website essentially contains the information from the previous website. But in the meantime I got new corsets and am producing pictures with them. Be already curious!