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Satin corset tight laced to 17 inch

My longest and tightest corset. It is from True Grace Corsets (TCG) and can be laced to a waistline of 17 inches. It covers the bust, therefore I don’t need a bra here. This is especially useful with light summer dresses or evening dresses which don’t cover the shoulders. Believe it or not, there is no retouching as with all other pictures in this site!

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Brocade corset tight laced to 18 inch

This corset has been lent to me for evaluation purposes. It was not made directly for me, but fits very well. This indicates that the owner seems to have a similar figure to me. The fabric is very nice and the corset has a strong waistband which defines the waist well and makes the corset sturdy, because the pressure and pull is strongest at the waist.

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