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Welcome to the world of tight corsets (Sylphide)


A warm welcome to you on my website! I hope that you - after having read this site - will have a positive image of the corset and its effects and that I can do away with some of the prejudices.

As far as the content is concerned I aim mainly at cultivating and popularising the wasp-waist which is achieved with the help of laced corsets as an accepted feminine attribute (for festive occasions, e.g. weddings, but particularly as an enrichment for the everyday clothing). I would like to address beginners as well as advanced ladies. I have no commercial interests! Moreover I would like to show you how to reach your personal wasp-waist without medical problems.

I present a variety of corsets - from moderate to very tightly laced corsets. Maybe you will on your way find one or the other photo too extreme. I do not at all intend to force any lady into a waistline or waist reduction that she does not want herself. On the contrary, it is important for every woman to find a corset and a way to use it that is suitable for her individually. A lightly laced corset can look as great as a rather tight one; and both can feel good (from inside and outside :-).

Corset 1898 Sylphide 2010

There are 130 years between these pictures: The wasp-waist is alive! Not retouched, only cut out for transparency. Click on the right picture for the original.