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Sylphide - About: Why I wear corsets?


I started at the age of 23. My boyfriend already admired my naturally small waist and he often dreamed of how it would be if it was even smaller. I also liked the idea.

Sylphide in 17 inch satin corset fully laced standing at piano

So we tried out how to reduce the waist aesthetically. We took girdles of different materials. I’ll tell you about one example: My boyfriend made one of leather with eyes and laces. We put that on under the clothes, i.e. under a wide skirt and blouse with a stretch belt under it. So the waist was extraordinarily small. But this method had a big disadvantage: The organs were pressed out under the leather belt so that it was ugly looked at from the side. Sometimes when the leather belt was all closed (49 cm) you could almost put a cup on my stomach! I didn’t like that! Nor did my boy-friend! So we had to solve the problem in another way.

One day my boy-friend asked me if I would be willing to try on a corset. The idea was new to me, but I agreed to do so. He was glad and said that he would get one for me to try. It took him several weeks to find out a contact address where he could get corsetier addresses from. But at least he had made a contact and we ordered a corset from Voller’s. It was supposed to have a waistline of 18 inches, but the one I received was much larger. I must say that I could close it at once and that in didn’t restrict me at all. We were all disappointed. Later we altered the waistline and some other features of the corset, so that it fitted much better and made the waist smaller. From that we learned a lot about how to order a corset. We concluded that it is much better to order a made-to-measure corset. And we picked out many features that are especially important and that have to be mentioned when ordering a corset. From then on we made sure to tell the corsetier some things that are absolutely to be avoided when making a corset. Well, that is how I started corseting.

Over the course of the first two years I gradually reduced my waist from initially (naturally) 25 inches to 19 inches now (17" for special occasions). My natural waistline (without a corset) has decreased to 23.5 inches. In the beginning I wore the corset only for a few hours each day as I could not bear it for longer. But eventually I became accustomed to wearing the corset for longer intervals and after some months I could wear it from morning till evening.

I didn’t like to put on the corset in the morning because after lacing it tight I had an unpleasant feeling for some time. After ten or twenty minutes, this feeling went away and everything was fine. But often I didn’t want to get up in the morning because of the lacing and the resulting unpleasant feeling. Therefore I started wearing the corset day and night. In the first few nights I had to loosen the corset several times, but after some nights, I could sleep relatively undisturbed. And in the morning, there was no problem anymore! Because my waist was not allowed to enlarge during the night, I had no problem in lacing the corset tighter an inch or two. This was necessary, because I had loosened the corset a bit before going to sleep. Now I am accustomed to continuously wearing the corset day and night and I only remove it to take a shower. It is not even necessary to loosen the corset before going to sleep and I have no problems with it, I sleep well. I guess that it has become a habit with me.

Even from a medical point of view it’s reasonable to wear the corset continuously: If you frequently lace and unlace, the internal organs have to adapt themselves again and again in different ways. But if you wear it continuously, the organs have to adapt only once and can remain undisturbed in their new position.

On this site you can access some pictures of me. On some the corset is visible, on some it is worn under the clothing. So you can see how a corset looks on a woman of our days AND how suitable clothing can look. The pictures are grouped by corset types.

Please note

These pictures have not yet been published by me anywhere. My copyright conditions apply especially to them. Please read and respect them. Unfortunately I had to insert identifications into the pictures because there were re-publications of them in the web (which I cannot allow) without a specification of the image source (which is worse!). There may even be people who make a claim for an own copyright on these pictures. Therefore I ask for your understanding concerning the steps I have taken. Please cooperate with m, so that such steps are no longer necessary!

The waistlines are the outside measurements over the corset. Please note that the pictures are totally authentic and in no way retouched (except for some anonymizing).

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