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The simplest way to contact me is via e-mail. Please use the following e-mail address:

If you want to send me confidential e-mail, you can use PGP for encryption:

Here is my PGP Public Key

I'm looking forward to your mail, your ideas and critical remarks. I would especially like to help female corset beginners to experience the positive aspects of corset wearing. Men are also welcome, who want to make their loved one a corset enthusiast.
But please, please, please, read the FAQ first and write only if questions aren't answered there! Also don't send tremendous long attachments unless requested; it takes too long to download them. Pictures must absolutely be sent as JPG files and not as BMP or TIF files.

You can write in German Deutsch, English English or French Französisch.

Or you can have a look into my guestbook!

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